Midtown Print Co. facilitates the following payment options:

Online Invoicing.  For most orders, we will default to sending an online invoice for payment in full before production begins. We send online invoices via e-mail which can be received by only one recipient. The invoice can be paid via manual card entry with our secure payment service, SpotOn. If you are a business or organization with an accounts receivable department, please provide the first and last name, phone number and e-mail address of the valid recipient for the invoice to be sent for payment.

Credit Card on File.  If you would like to hold a credit card number on file with us, we will default to processing all orders under your account with that credit card. Credit card information is held only per your request in our secure and encrypted SpotOn system. With a credit card number on file, you can easily and quickly place orders with us without having to manually remit a payment every time. This makes for simple reordering. Your payment for the order will be processed at the time that your order is completed. Contact us today to request storing a card on file under your account.

Storefront Payment.  Come by our storefront to remit order payment before your order is processed. Our in-house payment methods include American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and NFC payments. We also accept payments with cash or check.

What if I am tax exempt?  If you are a tax-exempt organization, you must supply us with a copy of your up-to-date Florida State Sales Tax Exemption Form before the order is processed. In addition, payment must be remitted with a card or check under the tax-exempt organization’s name. Payment cannot be remitted with a personal payment method or cash and still apply for tax exemption.

Why did my online payment decline?  For a seamless experience, a debit / credit card must be activated or registered before use. If it’s not been registered or activated, it may show failed authorization or transaction alerts. Follow the instructions listed on the card to activate it or contact their support team.

Can I use more than one payment option?  You can choose just one payment method for a single purchase, except in the case that you are paying with cash and a card at our storefront location.

 Do you provide a payment upon pickup option?  At present, we do not provide a payment upon pickup option. Payment remittance is required once your estimate is approved and before production on your order begins.

 Do you have payment plans available?  At present, we do not provide payment plans for any orders.

Do you offer terms?  At present, we only offer terms to select printing partners within our industry. If you’re a commercial printer or print media vendor, please contact us directly to discuss the possibility of creating a wholesale account with us.

In case of any payment related issues, reach out to us at (850) 681-2900 during our business hours for immediate service.