How can I ensure that my print job looks how I want it to look?

If you have concerns about your print’s appearance, request to receive a printed proof before we being production on your order. If you’re a company with set branding guidelines, especially in regards to color, be sure to send us your branding kit so we...

What is a “print ready” file?

A print ready file for paper printing means that your file is fully designed with no alterations needed, your file is set to size and proper bleeds and margins have been built into your file.

Can I supply my own paper?

We do not print on customer supplied stock. If you have a particular type of paper you were interested in getting printed, please feel free to contact us about it and a team member will help you find the best fit to match your desired stock.

How do I get my shirts to be more affordable?

Take advantage of of price breaks! They’re available by the dozen. The more you get, the more we can reduce your per unit costs significantly. Alternatively, feel free to ask one of our team members if there’s a more affordable shirt model alternative that...
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